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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off-line for the moment!

-Hi Guys

Tons of updates

1) all puppy health checks went well
2) In the middle of flights and pickups, everyone please give me a few days to get everything sent out and done.. I was to be going to a show this weekend but will be staying home to get everything done and settled.
3)Computer internet is acting up and for hours on end, we can't connect and then won't stay connected, don't know why.. behind on emails as always :)
4)Been on and off with puppy flights and pickups, and thurdays and Friday are crazy booked, so if need me, let me know and will email or call if needed for this weekend..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Formal Structure evals have been done!

Hello Folks

Had the puppies looked at by a panel of Active Peers in dog showing.. I will be happy to go over your puppies information with you and will when I have time to a brief overview of each puppy on the blog at a later date.. overall, there was no real surprises for me.. just conformation of what I was already seeing..

The puppies now have their Tattoos

Hello Folks

All the puppies now have their new tattoo's done.. there are a number of reasons that I have gone back to tattoo's a) the microchips being used in Canada, don't seem to be readable in the States and I hate the puppies being double chipped.. this way you can use the local readable chip if you desire.. but my main reason for going back to tattoo's, is that many of the company's that own the microchips now charge a yearly fee for them.. that is not fair at all to my puppy owners.

Please feel free to microchip your puppies if you want when you get them..

Pearl Litter -CERF Results

The Pearls went for their formal CERF tests yesterday and I am thrilled to say! that they all got NORMAL results on both eyes.. just wonderful..

All four puppies Normal-June 2010

That means that the puppies are normal, the parents newest tests in April of 2010, both normal, all the grandparents last tests were normal, Four of the Great-Grandparents tested, and all normal..

So to date this is a Four gen CERF tested Litter! Awesome!