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Monday, May 31, 2010

Morning Musings

Happy Monday Morning

So this weekend got out to the ottawa dogs shows, Sweet Dreams (the Dream litters daddy) took BOB on Saturday at the shows, and Grima Gloa (half sister by the same mother as the Dream litter) took BOB on Sunday and made the cut in group but no ribbons..
However in Related Show ISD news, Gold Rush in Valhalla owned by Llie in B.C. won his first Group placement a Group 3rd under CKC Judge Leslie Rogers! Way to go to this wondeful team, I was thrilled to have been sent photos of their ring time the weekend before this win and all I can say is that it was SO clear to me that they have such a loving bond. Congrat out to his co-owner and breeder Maragret at Valhalla Kennels in Washington.
So little Provocative in Pearls was out playing in the yard and found a little duck poo to roll in..yuck and so she got her first full bath and blowdry and I snapped a little photo of her, looking all puffy and sparkly, sorry that its dusky, and I didn't use the flash so a little dark.
The puppies are amazing to me, they are all up to their four meals a day and eating very well, and that means I am washing floors all the time and spend a great deal of time moving them in and out for bathroom/outside time.
Their develop is wonderful to see.. they are starting to play with their toys, and interact with with everything, the two litters got introduced together this weekend and at first the bigger older litter was a little bossy but then the younger litter seemed to figure out that numbers count LOL and they got a little bossy by ganging up, but now everyone is great friends, Minnie Pearl is heaven, finally all these friendly playmates just her size!
I was able to visit with fellow ISD owners at the Ottawa show and we introduced two females that had not seen each other for about eight months and it was so nice, they just loved each other like long lost friends, so nice to see the dogs meet and greet new dogs with such openness.
I was thrilled to be able to visit and introduce the breed to a number of AKC judges who were up for the shows, and they were able to have a hands on mini Judging seminar on the breed both days of the show, they were quite interested as the breed is moving over in AKC on July 1st and all the judges at the show have applied to be able to judge the breed, this was the first time that many of them had got to see the breed in person, a few had been to breed seminars in the states but still were interested in learning about the Canadian Dogs. I was pleased to hear so many nice comments from the judges on the quality of the dogs they got to meet this weekend, its so important to get that non-breed related feedback in regards to your breeding program.
Well the newly washed floor is dry now so on to more morning chores, have a great day..

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Icelandic Sheepdog-The Pearl Keeper

Hello Folks
What Can I say about Keeper.. The pictures do it for me..Even at this young of an age.. he is already showing all the postive traits that I had hoped to bring out in this breeding!

For those that have looked at lots of eight week stacks, please remember these little guys are five weeks and for those that are new.. be aware that they will change quite a bit over the next weeks..

Enjoy them, These are little free stack with a little hotdog help, and no one is bathed and show groomed, I will do that for the eight week stacks only.

Icelandic Sheepdog-South Sea Pearl

Hello Folks

This is one big lady and Holy Cow, what a coat! Ok, body shots but what a great head/front photo.. As someone who's friends will tell you, that I am a huge Head person, I am in love with this little ladies head, she is her momma but More!

For those that have looked at lots of eight week stacks, please remember these little guys are five weeks and for those that are new.. be aware that they will change quite a bit over the next weeks..
Enjoy them, These are little free stack with a little hotdog help, and no one is bathed and show groomed, I will do that for the eight week stacks only.

Icelandic Sheepdog-Provoctive in Pearls

Hello Folks

I had to laugh, sometimes a puppy will not photo out as well as they look or feel and PP is at the moment at least turning out that way, this is a rock solid pup in terms of being four square on the floor, clearly she had way to much fun playing with Gloa, as she her coat is quite goobered.
For those that have looked at lots of eight week stacks, please remember these little guys are five weeks and for those that are new.. be aware that they will change quite a bit over the next weeks..
Enjoy them, These are little free stack with a little hotdog help, and no one is bathed and show groomed, I will do that for the eight week stacks only.

Icelandic Sheepdog-Minnie Pearl

Hello Folks

This little lady is so refined, in so many ways really, here is her first five week old baby stacks on the side and front.. for those that have looked at lots of eight week stacks, please remember these little guys are five weeks and for those that are new.. be aware that they will change quite a bit over the next weeks.. Enjoy them, These are little free stack with a little hotdog help, and no one is bathed and show groomed, I will do that for the eight week stacks only.

Reseved Vs Pending -What Does it Mean?


Could you explain the difference between Reserved an Pending.


Reserved means that either "a puppy" in the litter or a certain puppy has a approved Application/with Deposit on it.

Pending means that either "a puppy" in the litter or a certain puppy has a approved Application but the Deposit is coming, until a deposit is in place, the puppy is not yet offically reserved.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dream Litter 4 Week Grow out photos-Extras

Hi Guys
A few more good ones from the photos shoot, not quite enough to do two of each puppy but hope that you will enjoy seeing a bit of the ones I did get extra's of.

Dream Litter Weekly Photo Update

Techicolor Dream Coat
Follow the Dream

Dreams on Fire

DayDream Believer

Dare to Dream

Califronia Dreamin


Hi Guys
Ok, its offical, you need a helper to get those perfect flower photos, I tried very hard to get them by myself today and while I got nice photos of the puppies, last time, I would arrange flowers, Jason did the puppy and I take the photos..and Jason would make the funny noises, just to many things to do for one person, but I really wanted to get some new photos up.. Hope you will enjoy them and I promise to try the set up again sunday with help and see what I can do for you..

Will leave you with a teaser, I went to the dollar store yesterday for the next weeks props for the Pearl litter and all I am going to say is.. its going to be colorful!

Icelandic Sheepdog Puppy Application

If you wish to be put on our waiting list or to get a puppy from our kennel you must complete and return the questionnaire.

Thank you for your interest in our Icelandic puppies. We try to ensure that
people purchasing our pups have the best chance of success and each puppy finds
the right home for their personality. We ask all our prospective families to
complete a questionnaire to help give us the best chance of providing you with
the most appropriate life-long (12-15 years) companion.

After approval, pick goes in order of deposits received.

Your Name: _____________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________
City/Prov/PC: ____________________________________________________________
E-mail Address: __________________________________________________________
Phone: __________________________Fax________________________

Please take the time to answer all the questions as only complete applications
will be accepted for review.

1. How did you find out about Iceland Sheepdogs? ______________________________

2. Do you have a time frame in which you wish to acquire a puppy?
3. Have you ever raised a puppy before? Yes___ No___ What breed(s)?
Where are those dogs now? _________________________________________________
4. Have you met an Iceland Sheepdog? Yes___ No___ Where?_____________ Describe
what you liked about that dog.
5. Are there children in the home? Yes___ No___ What are their
Have they been around dogs before and do they know how to treat and respect
6. Are there any other dogs? ___ pets?___ Livestock?___ What kind or
7. Iceland Sheepdogs are very devoted companion dogs. Are you prepared to have a
constant "shadow"?
8. How much of the time would the pup/dog be able to spend with you or a family
member? ________________________________________________________________________
9. If left alone for excessive periods of time Iceland Sheepdogs may resort to
barking, digging, or other undesirable behavior. If you must be gone for long
periods at times, describe a plan or comfortable place where the dog will stay
so that it will not become a neighborhood nuisance.
10. What kind of home do you have? House with yard___ Farm___ Townhouse with
yard ___ Apartment without yard ___ Do you rent, lease, or own?_____ If
renting, does the landlord permit pets, and would you consent to my contacting
the landlord?
11. How much time will the dog spend indoors?____ Outdoors?____ Alone while you
are at work? ____ Describe how the dog will be contained in your yard.
12. What concerns do you or any family member have about getting a puppy? In
your situation, what would constitute a problem with a puppy/dog?
13. Do you plan to crate train your puppy/dog? _______ Have you ever done this
before? ________________________________________________________________________
14. How might you react to an occasional indoor "accident"?
15. Are you committed to providing premium quality food, routine vaccinations
and worming treatments and providing health care as needed and treating the
pup/dog as a valued member of the family?
16. How do you plan to provide exercise for your puppy/dog?
Initial here:
17. How would you deal with barking? ________________________________________
18. How do you plan to train your puppy/dog? __________________________________
19. Iceland Sheepdogs come in a range of temperaments, body types, and coat
types. What is your idea of the perfect ISD?
20. Do you have a particular color in mind and just how important is that to
21. Do you prefer male?___ female?___no preference?___ Why? ___________________
22. Although a well groomed ISD which is fed a quality diet usually does not
have "doggy" odor or excessive dander, are you aware that ISD may shed heavily
at certain times of the year (usually in the spring & fall). Is that a problem
with you?____________
23. Do you have an interest in dog activities? Working farm___ Conformation
Shows___ Obedience Trials___ Flyball___ Herding Trials___ Agility___ Frisbee___
Therapy___ Supreme Companion___ Other (describe)
24. Would you be interested in an early neuter (before 8 weeks) or early spay
(12 weeks) for your pup?
25. If breeding is in your plans, what would be the goal and purpose of your
breeding program?
26. If you plan to breed, do you agree to abide by the Canadian Icelandic
Sheepdog Club of Canada code of ethics, which includes clearing eyes and
submitting x-rays for OFA or PennHIP rating before breeding and to plan your
breeding only to further enhance the breed?
Initial here:

26 A) Do you belong to a national Icelandic Sheepdog Club?

26 B) Do you belong to any Dog Clubs -Agility, Herding, Conformation etc

27. Occasionally I have a pup of outstanding quality for which I would like to
retain breeding rights. In the case of a female, it is usually for one litter.
The dog would remain in your possession unless you wish for me to handle the
whelping and care of the puppies. In the case of a male dog I would reserve a
set amount of stud services to be agreed upon at the time of purchase. The dog
would be held in a co-ownership until the obligation would be fulfilled at which
time I would sign off of the co-ownership. The dog may then be spayed or
neutered, if desired. Would you be interested in a situation such as this? Yes,
No, Comments? _________________________________________________
28. Are you willing to let me make a recommendation based upon your answers to
these questions and my familiarity with the pups for the most suitable puppy for
your situation?
____If not, why?__________________________________________________________
Name: ____________________________ Spouse's name: ________________________
Signature: _________________________ Spouse's signature: _____________________
Date: _______________________________

Thank you for filling out this form to help us better understand what you are
looking for in a puppy. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to
your future companion. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask

"Mailing Address removed"
Please email me for my Mailing Address and Phone number, not posted on the web to limit the amount of spam arriving in my mail box.

If you are sure that you are ready to add a Greenstone Icelandic puppy to your
life, a $200 non-refundable deposit (please make cheque out to Valerie Sharp)
will secure your place on the reservation list for the specified litter. If we
are unable to accept your application I will refund your deposit. If there is
not a puppy to match your choice (male, female, show, …) I will transfer the
deposit to the next litter or refund your deposit. If you no longer wish to be
on the waiting list or get a puppy from another source, you forfeit your
deposit. If for some reason you need to postpone getting your puppy, I will
consider transferring your deposit to a later litter.

Crate Training/Housebreaking Icelandic Sheepdog Puppies

Hi Folks

As many of you know having spoken to me in person, you are aware that I am a fan of correctly using a crate for help in housebreaking, if you can't watch the puppy and be there to read cue's having a safe place to put puppy is a awesome thing

Live example of just how EARLY a puppy can show signs of housebreaking, so as you can imagine, I am on extra floor washing duty and I use different cleaners for different things but my main rinse is normally hot water with bleach, and I don't like the pups on the floor when doing so

Adult dogs went into the kitchen (while doing the livingroom floors) and I woke up the oldest litter, let them have their wake up pee's outside and brought them in and crated them in their nap/feed/put away big crate in the living room (they can already climb over the side of whelping box)

Anyway, these little tikes are normally quite good about this but Prevocative in Pearls would not settle down, she was fussy, but I washed the floors and then turned on overhead fans and the big floor drying fan (takes about 15 min or so to dry the whole floor, and she was fussy the whole time.. I said at least three times.. " you know you don't get let out when making that kind of fuss" well the floor was dry and she was in the howl stage of let me out of this crate.. so I am standing there.. three sleeping, one fussing and waiting, for that one second of quiet/good behaviour that I can reward, when final she stops and looks at me with these wide eyes, and I take it, and open the door.. out she runs, two steps out of the crate and she goes #2..

First.. BAD, Bad me for not figuring out that this might have been the issue but WOW baby girl to have held on for close to twenty min and not mess your crate.. you rock little girl! Breeder Mom promises that she will listen to your cues better in the future.

So I stand by the fact that properly used crates are wonderful training tools for many things, and that its up to us to keep our little ones on schedules and to read their cues, and they will do their best to be clean for us, its breed into them to keep their Den and Area clean, its up to us to teach them that means the whole house :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Snuggle Time Icelandic Sheepdogs

Hi Guys

Was insteading on a good photo shoot this afternoon, big old thunderstorm and rain has moved in.. we could use the water to be truthful and it will take the heat down another notch.

So here are two cute photos of the little ones to tide you over till I can get more soon, don't know how but my battery was low, I guess I do use it alot.. anyway little Follow the Dream posed very sweety for the one photo but my favorite is little dream's grin..

He was playing with me and rolled on his back and I found his little spot, (you know, the one that makes them kick and grin and wiggle with joy all at the same time ) and I snapped this photo, laying down myself and from above, didn't even look to see if it was angled right or not.. anyway not perfect but his joy shines though it for me.

Puppy Owners to be info

Hi Guys

Would you like to read a general overview of the process involved in getting one of our puppies?

Well for those that are local and thinking of booking a puppy visiting time, we are opening up the weekends of June 19/20th (Booked Solid as of June 4th) and June 26/27th (still available visiting spots), so if you are interested in booking a time on those days, please email me and we will figure out a good time for a visit.

So Baer testing is being done on June 16th, Cerf for the oldest litter is booked for June 30th, and for the younger litter July 6th. Temperment tests are booked, June 11th for the oldest litter and June 18th for the younger litter. Herding Tests will take place on the weekend of 19th on the oldest litter and on the 26th for the youngest litter. Tattoo's are booked for the puppies at the end of June, and Structural evals are booked for the third and the last week of June for the puppies, I am having them looked at by a panel of three for a well rounded overview.

Puppy pick up dates for the oldest litter can start on July long weekend, and flyout dates the first week of July, Puppy Pickup dates for the youngest litter can start on July 10th and Flyout dates can start from the 12th on.

Please email me to let me know your perferred days and I will do my best to work with you on them.

Note-1 For those that are interested in meeting the breed and the puppies but do not have a reserved puppy out of the current litters, yes you can book an appointment to come out and meet the little guys BUT you still need to provide me with some basic information and have a chat with me about if this breed is a good choice for you and your family, there is no point in both of us taking the time to for a get together if when you get here, you tell me you want a dog that does not bark or that you live in a apartment downtown or want a low-energy dog.

Note 2- NO you can NOT visit another breeder who has puppies of a different breed, the same day as coming to see me, I am respectful of the fact that this is a rare breed and that most peaple have not meet the breed and would like to before they decide to get a puppy.

However, I close my house down for the first six weeks from company for the health of the puppies and only start puppy visits at six weeks and older but I still need to be very careful that the vistors do not bring things in, please help me in this, and only book a visit if you have

a)fully mature healthy adult dogs at home

b) Do not go to dog parks, or play with other litters of puppies or go to other dogs breeders homes on the same day as coming to my farm.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Icelandic Sheepdog Puppy -Getting lessons in mannors.

This photo cracked me up totally, Aunty Gloworm, Aka Greenstone Grima Gloa, was playing with Greenstone Provocative in Pearls Aka(my nickname) Petunia Applebee :)

Petunia wanted to play so Gloa lays down for her, but she is still to big looking, so then she rolls over giving belly, so Petunia starts playing with her ears and Gloa is still letting her be the dominant, and so they are play a adult/puppy version of foot and mouth, the only catch is that the size difference means that little Petunia's whole head can go in Gloa's mouth and here's the proof.. in case you are wondering part of the lesson is teaching to play with your teeth but not hurting anyone while you do so.. this is a important lession for the adults to teach as it helps greatly on teaching the puppy to be gentle with their mouths and that is important when we transfer those lessions to the fact that humans have very soft hides.

I love how the younger females teach and play babysitter and aunty to the puppies, its such a great thing for the puppies to have more then just mom to teach them, they learn different lessons from the whole pack.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Do Icelandic Sheepdog Like Water?

Why Yes, we do.. here is Greenstone Blackmore Knight (the #1st in CKC for 2009) who has two of her legs towards her first obedance title owned by Vari, who we got to have visit with yesterday afternoon, showing her very wet self after dock driving after sticks! She is related to both current litters, and given that they are already dipping paws in the water bowl and splashing I think its safe to say, they will all love their water time as well.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Icelandic Sheepdog Farm Dog to the Rescue!

On Misty Morning Farm News Today--Chicken Saved due to the efforts of the farm dogs!
Full story below....Reporting by Farm Momma

So last night at 8:30 ish (mom in bed..and asleep) Dad on computer, and Gloa gives a three bark alert woof, as she stands guard watch out the one big window, two second's later a screaming clucking feast starts outside.. We have a lovely red speckled half banty and half dark leg horn hen who can easily fly over our fences and who for the last week has been sure she wants to settle down and go broody in the bush pile by the brown shed.. Bad choice..

So out the door fly's Dad and Odinn with the mighty Staff (aka Walking stick) and the fox who is running with said chicken in mouth, drop's hen with Odinn hot on his heels, and darts straight threw a spot on the fence that I honestly didn't think anything but a cat could get though.. Chicken runs off into the high grass/bush area.. Fence stops Odinn who runs along it, postive if he would just be allowed to follow that he can make that Fox PAY LOL

So in come Dad and Odinn but its dusk and chicken in hiding.. out goes Freyja, taken to general area and told.. Find it.. now if put on a track she is even better but she does not need one.. Just tell her to find it, and she trusts me that something is there, and she starts weaving back and forth like a bird dog and she finds the chicken and does a freeze. nose right into the big clump of tall grass that the bird is playing dead in.. so she gets called off and Jason catches chicken, who is missing a few feathers and has at least one tooth hole from fox.. so into one of my growout rabbit hutches she goes to recoup, because there is a reason that we call the chickens the mini velociraptors, never put a bird that is bleeding back into the flock unless you want trouble.

So there you have it.. hen is up and eating an drinking this morning, took her a handfull of fresh greens and looks to make a full recovery, thanks to Gloa on guard, Odinn on defence, and Freyja on Point :)

Ah life on the farm..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pearl Litter Growout Photos-Spring is here!

Dream Litter Grow out photos-Icelandic Sheepdog Puppies

Yummy in our Tummy-Breakfast Time for little ones

Half-sister (Same Momma) as the Dream litter at just over a year in Age..

Well the puppies got me up bright and early this morning.. they don't care that its Saturday and I wanted to sleep in.. they loved their mash banana and whole live active culture yogurt mix this morning.. it was gobbled down with great desire but they got it everywhere and so they all needed a wet wipe down of face, chests and paws.. thank goodness for Donut hole puppy feeeding dishes, so that everyone can get their place at the bowl at the same time. Momma dog finished up all leftovers, Freyja has never been very friendly about other dogs coming near her food bowl, but she is so polite to her own puppies, just backs off and lets them eat.. she really has been such a good momma..

Well my kettle is starting to whistle so time for my breakfast and pot of fresh tea and then on to all the extra floor cleaning.. ah one of the not so Joy's of puppies :)

Watch for lots of new photos over the long weekend and have a good one..

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dream litter -Icelandic Sheepdog Puppies learn about "outside"

Just a few of the Dream litter that posed nicely outside while checking out what grass is.. they are a bit little for the outside yet but this week, this will start to really have fun on their outings.

Enjoy the ones I got.. can you tell who is who??

Icelandic Sheepdog Puppies are growing!

Hi Guys

well, the dream litter is getting so big now, and so much more interactive, they will snuggle and wave a paw at you and crawl/waddle over with their tails wagging, so cute and so much fun, starting to learn all the neat sounds they can make etc.

The pearls are hoots at the moment, they are eating mushy solid food four times a day now, and that means poo's and pee's now greet me every time I walk into where they are LOL, thank goodness for no rugs and puppy pads and lots of extra outside time after eating.. they are getting if figured out a little bit.. eat, then basket then outside for bathroom.. good puppy, good puppy when they go in the grass.. I know that if anyone filmed us, we would seem like silly goose's, first saying .. Go bathroom and then praising and petting and snuggle each one as they go but trust me, it the long run it will be a very good thing :)

So we tried a new plan last night which was hopefully going to let us get a full nights sleep, the pearls wake up and play every couple hours and they wake up the Dream litter who then want to nurse and play as well, so we kept the pearls upstairs last night moving them into the bathroom (its a huge bathroom, used to be a bedroom) and put mom, food, water, pads, stuffies and crate/beds both in the crate and outside of it and baby gated it off.. well the puppies did fine..but Freyja did not.. she has had a aweful time of it as she wants to be with her puppies but she is one of the always bed dogs, and she gave up more then a snuggle on the bed for motherhood, but being removed from the bedroom at night.. well that was a different matter altogether thank you very much.. so in the end, I slept on the couch last night so Jason could get a few hours of solid shut eye..

Otherwise, lets see what is new with the pups for you.. hmmm well everyone has gotten the steel comb run though them at least once this week, nails trimmed in some cases twice, Got to play with Gloa more and even grandma oppa has been seen to allow the odd ear tugging and playing, the pearls are just starting to interact with their toys and are almost walking instead of waddling.

The only other thing that the pups found interesting was their new "made food" they get soften puppy chow but also get peaple food and one meal of farm fresh egg, so their made food was a big pot of farm ground lamb, pot barley and a big bag of farm sqaush all cooked and mixed together with home canned lamb soup broth, it took a little while to figure out how to pick up the barley but the pups loved it, and so healthy for them..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

How do you figure out Adult Color on the Icelandic Sheepdog Puppies

Follow the Dream, is clearly taking after her mother Folda, Gonna be a Red Head!
Provocative in Pearls Color behind her ear, taking after her Sire

Keepers Ear color, I can track this color in the pedigree back four generations.

Question: How do you tell what the adult coat color on the puppies will be?

Answer: I have found over the years that looking at the back of the ears for what color they are as a puppy gives us our best clues. You need to take these photos in a natural defused lighting, no flash, and no lamp light otherwise it will mess with what the photo shows, so here are photos of the oldest litter , I will do the Dream litter when they are old enough to head outside for some play time.

On average the adult coat color will be either, the same as seen above or one shade darker or lighter then what is seen above.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kitten an Puppy Love'n

Well, I know what I am trying to setup and get a photo of.. I want one of those cute photos where it seems that the puppy and kitten are kissing.. well I can see that its going to take awhile to get that photo.

The kitten was a hoot, she is such a friendly little thing, as soon as you pet her, she flops on her side and purrs or tries to play with you but trying to get a puppy to stay still and also interact with her at the same time.. need to try this again with Jason, I really needed three hand min LOL

Enjoy what I did get.. the kitten gave me pose after pose of herself, looking ever so cute on her own, and I just loved this "funny" pose her and the pup gave me..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Icelandic Sheepdog Puppies playing in the garden

Hi Guys, well the oldest litter has started their mushy food, their warm farm fresh eggs and are getting short times outside, they are just starting to get their little teeth nubs, and are choosing to get out of their box and go bathroom outside their sleeping area (good little pups)

Here are some photos from outside today, enjoy..
We have available Icelandic Sheepdog Puppies for adoption, please email me at